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May 2nd - may 24th, 2009

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 2nd at 6pm


THE MASHUP SHOW takes its cue from David Quantick’s assertion that “pop will eat itself.” Since pop music recycles good ideas continuously, a perfect pop song could be written by combining the best from the best from these ideas into one song. The mashup music genre, a particular echo of this phenomenon, is known for colliding dissimilar songs to create a new work through the encounter. Colliding disparate works physically, The Mashup Show mirrors this logic and investigates the moments of cognitive resonance and dissonance that pervade this type of cultural production. Though mashups maintain clear formal and ideological resonances with musique concrète and Burrough's cut-ups, today, these collisions are increasingly filtered through the arsenal of shareware and software that drive video and varrious web applications. Cultural re-production is at an all time high yielding an ouroboros, that though recursive, does not constitute a closed utopean system. This show aims to examine mashups as a process of layered production that contingently comlicate the cycles of information that construct the cultural spaces we inhabit.

THE MASHUP SHOW was organized by marcella faustini with curatorial advice from the all-around-general-muses and animal handlers of the Nightmare City Council (now offering teenage sleuthing).

Participating artists include: Erin Allen, Carl Auge, Bonnie Banks, Ellen Black, Michelle Ceja, Aoife Collins, Anne Colvin, Tyrone Davies, Tony Dryer, Evie Falci, Melinda Gebbie, Rory Hayes, Jim Haynes, Donna Huanca, Cristine Kesler, Jessica Miller, Jim Osbourne, Piero Passacantando, Samuel Roeck, Zachary Royer Scholz, S. Clay Wilson, (...)

80 Maiden Ln. 3rd floor
San Francisco CA


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