Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Maniac Gallery participating in Verge art fair in Miami Florida in December. Participating artists will be Erin Allen, James Bradley, Sean Monaghan & Andrew Tossielo.

a shot of my bedroom of large scale drawings you may or not see there by me.

East Bay Mix Tape Club will be entering its third month in December of 2009. This is the scene after our 2nd meeting. The deal is you make a mix tape, make ten copies and come to my house to trade. get in the know.

Untitled. Egg Tempera on Canvas. Erin Allen. made for Jen and Sean.

a diptych I found laying on my desk in my studio comprising of a current issue of Art Forum and the final album by Babes and Toyland.

I have really been into Anthrax again lately. Mainly the album titled "Among the Living". I will try to warm up to "Persistence of Time" while down in Socal over the next few days... but really I wish I currently still owned "Attack of the Killer B's". p.s. not a big fan of east coast hardcore. This is on a wall I think off of Shattuck or Telegraph ave. in Oakland... you will see it if you ride your bike from Oakland to the Berkeley Library.

here is a very small preview of new collaborative paintings between Keith Boadwee and I:

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, Erin Allen/ Keith Boadwee

"Titties and Milk" Oil on Canvas, Erin Allen/ Keith Boadwee

"Smiley Smile" Oil on Canvas Erin Allen / Keith Boadwee

Work (Sarah Bernat & Erin Allen) will be performing at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, December 18th 2009. We are also playing at INC in Miami in Febuary. Here is a short clip of us covering the song "Total War" at the Terminal in Oakland:

I am in a new band with my friend Vanessa. We are called "Sister Fucker".

High Castle is playing at the Smell in Los Angeles on January 2nd of 2010.

You are beautiful.

try to love Dire Straits.

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