Thursday, December 31, 2009

Child Pornography split 12" with Quem Quaeritis

So I was doing some ego-trippin tracking down reviews of projects etc when I found this link: its a link to a zipped file of our 12" with Quem Quaeritis on Not Not Fun Records (the first 9 songs are by child pornography and those that follow are by Q.Q.). Issued on see-through green vinyl in an edition of 300. But hey how many more than 20 people would actually want this record right? The music on this record is the first recording project of the Brizah/Erin lineup of Child Pornography. N. Grimey had just left the band and we were still figuring out how the band can be a duo again so the songs are mostly songs we hardly played live because I filled in extra keyboard parts or they were just written as they were recorded or written for a record-- which is really 75 percent of the recorded output of this band. anyhow, reason I am posting this is because alot of our friends like the new full length tape we put out on HSA tapes... in my opinion it is why we were still a band. whatever- i like it. But this is an album that is of similar value that is not well known about... basically before we could tour again we gave all our copies away to friends and filled the handful of mailorders. The next album that followed was simply all the next round of songs we wrote to play live... but this 12" is truly one those great private bedroom records (in my humble egotistical opinion). I recommend it if you like the new tape. I recommend it on vinyl because its bright and colorful and sounds good but it may be hard to find...but I'm sure you can order a copy straight from Not Not Fun records online-- I'm sure they got copies collecting dust.

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