Wednesday, August 24, 2011


High Castle "Spirit of the West" Review

High Castle, the band that I play guitar and sing for has just released it's debut full length, "Spirit of the West". Zum records, run by our friend George Chen, has been a huge supporter of the band and has had 540 copies pressed onto super hi quality thick vinyl. This ain't no left over from the '70s conserve yr oil era shit. It has also been slated for release for the itunes store as well (though, the vinyl version comes with a download code). High Castle went into the studio November 2010 to record the 11 tracks that are on this album. It was recorded and mixed by Jacob Felix Heule. I will have to say that, even though the recording put a huge dent in our collective pockets, Jacob was grossly underpaid for all the phenomenal work that he did. The sound of this record will forever be in debt to him. The front cover was designed by... um, me and the back cover features a painting by the art-collab "Club Paint" (Erin Allen, Keith Boadwee and Isaac Gray) of which you have seen many photos of on this blog web world shindig.

We (High Castle), will be touring the United States for the entire month of September playing our favorite songs from "Spirit of the West", our ep "You're on Your Own Way" and a handful of new songs that we have been working on since our last visit to the studio.

visit to view our tour dates. We are also on facebook and the dates have been posted there as well.

We are also having a record release// tour kick off show in our drummer's apartment, dubbed "Jam City" in West Oakland on 7th street just 2 blocks from West Oakland Bart. Palms Spring and Deep Teens will also be playing. the date is Friday August 26th. the show begins at 9pm and will be ending just before midnite. Our record will be available there.

if you wish to order the album visit here to order from ZUM

here are some images of posters that I have been working on that may be available on newsprint at the following High Castle shows: (click on images for larger view)

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