Sunday, December 23, 2012

Relaxin' With the Miles Davis Quintet

I threw a boomerang at my computer (no shit! I swear!). It's broken and I used up a large amount of my meager funds to hire a technician to come over to my house and fix it. I used a fancy camera and took many pictures of all of the work that I have made that I still like. All of those pictures are on my computer. Also, all of the new screenprint photos are there too. I am crossing my fingers hoping that I don't have to take pictures again of my old art and--- seriously hoping I haven't lost all of my new work that is purely digital at this point. I shall roll with said punches regardless and move on once all is figured. there are transparencies of many things made already throught the expertise of Paul Morgan. Anyhow, the goal for this internet representation for all things ErAl, is to have things more organized etc. so you don't have to dig too much. Well, shit is either real fucked up or maybe ok for you and I sincerely hope that who ever reading this is doing well.

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